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Schreppler Chiropractic Offices P.A in Dover

Dover Chiropractor About Us

From helping you find relief to boosting your overall health, we look forward to serving you.

Dr. George Schreppler has been in practice since 1978 and bought the office in Dover about five years ago. He has been on a mission to get people fast relief and get them on the road toward wellness. Because of his herniated lumbar disc, his mission has been to work as diligently as he can toward helping people with disc herniations or disc injuries.

Chiropractic to Boost Overall Health

“My real philosophy has been to try to make people aware of the alternative of going to the chiropractor to help enhance their general health,” says Dr. George. He believes that, when one’s immune system is boosted, it becomes more active in preventing many problems that could occur if you didn’t do anything but wait for the disease to happen.

Welcoming You to Wellness

While we look forward to helping you enjoy lasting relief, we also seek to help you achieve wellness. “I feel wellness is the future and with the accountable care organizations that are beginning to form, doctors are going to prove themselves by outcome not by just having a degree,” says Dr. George.

Offering Relief Care to Maintenance Care

The majority of patients who come to Schreppler Chiropractic Offices P.A see us with a neuromusculoskeletal issue. The most common complaint is lower back pain or lower back pain with extremity radiation. After that, neck pain is the next most common complaint — with our without pain that radiates to the shoulders or arms or with a headache or not with a headache. Dr. George also provides care for those with thoracic pain.

My mission is to take care of as many people as I can.”

Helping Young Athletes to Seasoned Retirees

From young ballerinas and high school wrestlers to weekend runners and professional amateur athletes, patients of all ages can benefit from chiropractic care. Every day, Dr. George works on children and he also sees a good amount of retirees who may have experienced a decline in fitness levels. Dr. George says that people who try chiropractic care over a short period realize that, in general, they feel much better than they have felt in years.

“There are so many published studies that show the efficacy of chiropractic. The data mine that is currently available from Optum is so overwhelmingly in favor of chiropractic that I don’t think chiropractic is going to need to prove itself in the next five years,” says Dr. George.

From helping you find relief to boosting your overall health, we look forward to serving you! Contact us today!

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