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Dover Chiropractor Offers Quality Care

Experience Quick Relief at Schreppler Chiropractic Offices P.A

Whether persistent pain has prevented you from participating in everyday activities or sidelined you from your favorite sports, chiropractic care may bring you the relief and healing you’ve been looking for. Dover chiropractor, Dr. George Schreppler provides patients with experienced, quality care, all at an affordable price. At Schreppler Chiropractic Offices P.A you’ll enjoy traditional, hands-on chiropractic care to get you on the road to relief and wellness.

An Alternative to Drugs and Surgery

Think your only options for feeling better are drugs and surgery? Think again! Since 1978, Dr. George has given safe and natural chiropractic care to more than 30,000 patients (more than anyone in the history of Delaware), providing nearly a million treatments! An experienced chiropractor, Dr. George seeks to get his patients out of pain as quickly as possible. “I have always sought to get patients better as fast as humanly possible.”

What manual medicine offers you is a piece of the puzzle for your total wellness.”

Offering Care — from Infants to Seniors

Dr. George can tailor care for an entire spectrum of people, for everyone from infants to seniors. In addition to being a highly experienced chiropractor, he does approximately 100 hours of continuing education per year so he can give his patients the most up-to-date care possible. Dr. George has many new patients as well as those who come to him for follow-up maintenance care.

Where Everybody Knows His Name

Like the character Norm in the ‘80s series “Cheers,” everybody knows Dr. George, a friendly fixture in the Dover area. “I’ve been here for a very long time and everybody knows my name.” Welcoming and down to earth, Dr. George enjoys an excellent reputation as his patients speak very highly of him.

If you want to experience relief and get on the road to wellness, contact our office today!

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